September Newsletter 2019

Thank you to everyone that was able to attend the AGM.

If you need to postpone a game this season, please inform the Venue that you play at and also inform the Fixture Secretary. This game will need to be rearranged within 3 weeks and played no later than 6 weeks after the original date.


Unfortunately there is an error on the fixture card with the Treasurers telephone number, it should read 07817, Please could you change it on your cards.

Do you have a Treasurer for your skittles team ? Please inform our Treasurer, Pauline Rankin on 07817 498471 so that your end of season bill will be sent to the correct person Thank you.

Please could you all remember to fill out score sheets correctly with date, time and signatures on both sheets. I have already had a few sheets missing the start times.

Cup Draws

KO Cup Draw to be played on set dates 23rd, 24th and 25th September.

Broughton Sports V S A L Ladies
Cons D V Liberal Quackers
Liberal Castaways V Semington A
Comrades V The Royals
Awdrys Angels V The Chasers
Hilperton A V Breakaways


bye’s – Better Halves, Nomads, Liberal Ladies, Georgians, Holt Ladies,
            Bottoms Up, Armstrong Angels, Anova Ladies, Cons A, Cons C

Draw carried out by Mr R George and Mr A Hillier in the presence of the full committee.

  Front Pin First Draw to be played on set dates 28th, 29th,30th October.


Nomads V Better Halves
The Royals V Hilperton A
Bottoms Up V Georgians
Holt Ladies V Semington A
Liberal Ladies V Awdrys Angels


byes – Breakaways, Cons C, Tipsy Skittlers, The Chasers, Comrades, L Quackers,  SAL Ladies, Armstrongs Angels, Broughton Sports, Cons A, L Castaways


Draw Carried out by T Stubbs and J Self in the presence of the full Committee.


Unfortunately I have received a phone call from Holt; they have now informed me that they will not be playing skittles this season because they do not have the players.

Due to the lateness of their decision we will have to continue with the league as it is this season. The Premier League will now only have 9 teams with Number 6 becoming an OPEN date.

Cup Draws

If games are not played ON OR BEFORE those set dates, fixed and agreed, then the defaulting Team shall lose the tie. Part of Rule 6 from the General Cup Competition Rules.

I have included draws for the first 3 rounds of cup matches. Home teams please book up your alley early with your venue.

KO Cup Draw to be played on set dates of 10th & 11th October.

Cons A V Steeple Ashton
Staverton B V Seend C
Saracens V Semington B
Melksham Rovers V Melksham Casuals
Semington A V Forest Rangers
Seend B V Avon A
The Animals V Spencers B
The Pilot V Seend A
Comrades V Staverton A
Cons D V The Bee’s
Legion E V Drifters
GBU V Cons C


The following teams have a bye :- Spencers A, Lacock, Cavaliers

Cup draw carried out by Mrs J Webb & Mrs S Banks in the presence of the full Committee.


Front Pin First Cup Draw to be played on set dates of 31st October and 1st November.

Steeple Ashton V Seend C
Avon D V Semington B
Semington A V Legion E
Seend A V MUDS
GBU V Forest Rangers
Staverton B V Cavaliers
Cons C V Staverton A
Drifters V Spencers B


The following teams have a bye :- Lacock, Spencers A, M Casuals, Cons D, Avon A,   Comrades, Melksham Rovers, The Bee’s

Cup draw carried out by Mrs J Webb & Mrs S Banks in the presence of the full Committee.

8 A side Nomination to be played on the set date of 22nd November.


Spencers A V Cavaliers
Staverton A V Drifters
Semington A V Avon A
Seend C V Steeple Ashton
Cons C V Seend B
MUDS V The Animals
Lacock V Spencers B
Seend A V Saracens
The Bee’s V Semington B
GBU V Melksham Casuals


 The following teams have a bye :- Melksham Rovers, Avon D, Comrades, Cons D, Staverton B, Forest Rangers.

Cup draw carried out by Mrs J Webb & Mrs S Banks in the presence of the full Committee.

 All score sheets to be sent/emailed to Andy Bainton 35 Queensway Melksham SN12 7LB / ASAP after your game and no later than the Monday following your game.

If you email your score sheets, please could you send them to me after 4 home games. I will need to them to check end of season averages and high scores.

Please show this Newsletter to your team.

Thank you.