Ladies Teams

Ladies teams in the 2018/19 season of the Melksham skittles league.

View ladies premier league team fixtures
Number Team Home Venue Captain
1 Cons A Tue Cons Mrs T JAMES
2 Cons C Tue Cons Mrs J MOXOM
3 Flying Chicks Mon Spencers Mrs P JACKSON
4 Breakaways Mon Spencers Mrs S CRABBE
5 Comrades Tue Spencers Mrs J WEBB
6 Lacock Ladies Tue Spencers Mrs J GIDDINGS
7 Liberal Castaways Tue Liberal Mrs S KEARNS
8 Nomads Wed Spencers Mrs M JAY
9 S A L Ladies Tue Liberal Mrs P HILLIER
10 Cons D Tue Cons Mrs M SALMON
11 Liberal C Mon Liberal Mrs S NEWBURY
12 The Chasers Mon Liberal Mrs J NEWMAN
13 Liberal Ladies Mon Liberal Mrs T CLARK
14 The Unpredictables Tue Forest C C Miss S J BANKS
15 Semington A Tue Semington Mrs M TAYLOR


1st Division
View ladies first division team fixtures
Number Team Home Venue Captain
1 Broughtons Sports Tue Spencers Mrs D BAILEY
3 Bottoms Up Mon Spencers Mrs A HALL
4 Georgians Mon Spencers Mrs A CRANHAM
5 Better Halves Tue Spencers Mrs E GREATWOOD
6 Spencers Ladies Tue Spencers Mrs R RICHENS
7 West Ashton Wed Spencers Mrs S ROSE-SHILES
8 Anova Ladies Tue Liberal Mrs C HARVEY
9 The Royals Tue Cons Mrs B CARNELL
10 Liberal Quackers Tue Liberal Mrs L BARROW
11 Tipsy Skittlers Tue Seend S C Mrs G BELL
12 Holt Ladies Tue Staverton Mrs J WATERS
13 Hilperton A Tue Hilperton Mrs T HARDING
14 Awdry’s Angels Tue Forest C C Mrs J DOBSON
15 Armstrongs Angels Wed Semington Mrs R COSTELLO
16 Semington B Tue Semington Mrs K ROGERS